HRT Free Menopause Treatments
HRT Free Menopause Treatments

HRT Therapy – Is it for you?

Women nowadays are aware of possible things which may occur when they reach the menopausal stage. The drop of estrogen and progesterone levels triggers various signs and symptoms. When menopause approaches, some women may benefit from artificially boosting hormonal levels to reduce certain menopausal symptoms.

Estrogen helps maintain good bone density, regulating moisture of the vagina and skin temperature. As the estrogen level drops, a woman can experience a lot of problems. Such problems include:

  • Thinning Hair
  • Lower fertility
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Irregular Periods
  • Hot flashes
  • Breasts get smaller
  • Urinary problems
  • Moodiness

These are the unpleasant symptoms that usually go away within two to five years, except for vaginal dryness.

According to experts, hormone replacement therapy or HRT is safe to combat menopause. In addition, women who are planning to undergo HRT should be used for a slightly wider age, if it is needed. But there have been studies confirming that women undergoing HRT acquire more serious conditions.

In 2002, researchers did an initiative study and claimed that women using HRT were at higher risk of heart disease, breast cancer or even stroke. Even though doctors would normally recommend and prescribe HRT to menopausal women, you need to ascertain that your doctor would assess your past medical history. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that you’ll be reducing your lifespan.

HRT Alternatives – Why Choose Them?

HRT Free Menopause Treatments

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been commonly used by countless menopausal women around the world. They cannot be blamed though. Undergoing the stages of menopause is no walk in the park. Imagine suffering from hot flashes and night sweats that can disrupt a woman’s life; not to mention numerous episodes of mood swings that can drive away friends and relatives.

Knowing that menopause can be a torture, it is no wonder why women seek various methods to alleviate its signs and symptoms. This also justifies the reason why HRT is taken by many amongst them. Sorry but HRT is not risk free. In fact, many menopausal women are aware of these risks; hence, they prefer the HRT alternatives, which are known to be safe.

So, why do most menopausal women opt for the alternatives and not the typical HRT method?

Many adverse reactions are observed when a woman takes hormone replacement therapy. Some of those serious conditions which may hit a woman are:

• Blood clots;

• Cerebrovascular accident or Stroke;

• Cardiovascular diseases; and

• Breast cancer.

Given the four possible complications of HRT, perhaps it is now clear as to why many women prefer the alternative methods. So what exactly are the benefits of these alternative treatments?

First of all, 99% of these alternative methods are considered to be cheaper than the traditional treatments. That is because most of them are found at home, such include:

• Healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and soy-rich foods)s

• Unlimited water for hydration

• Enough spaces to do walking exercises

• Cleaning materials to promote physical activities

Secondly, the alternative methods are obviously safer than HRT and synthetic drugs. Imagine all those chemicals you’ll be placing in your body. On the other hand, the alternatives fully promote a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, a menopause alternative treatment is more on the field of preventive medicine. All health care professionals agree that prevention is better than treatment. So why take the typical treatment method? The natural approach will not only help in relieving the signs and symptoms; it can help you avoid severe complications as well.